I spent over a year looking for my next Pit Bulls. As an experienced owner of five previous Buy Best Akc Pit Bulls I knew what I was looking for but it was hard to find. In Cherry Family Pit Bulls Home I found all my requirements: beautiful friendly dogs with over and above health screenings. The Cherry Family Pit Bulls, I have now was well worth the wait! Thank you!
After researching several breeders & paying visits to a couple I was directed to Cherry Family Pit Bulls Home by a friend and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Cherry Family Pit Bulls Home answered all of my questions promptly & there were many. We are so pleased with our pup & his development & look forward to more of the same.
They are always willing to answer emails promptly and follows up with the dogs she sells. They also matches owners and dogs with their personalities which is simply amazing. It is obvious that she wants her puppies to go to good homes not simply make a profit. She also ensures that the puppies maintain a happy home and if an owner cannot keep their puppy for whatever reason Cherry Family Pit Bulls finds them a new home so they aren’t neglected or given to an inappropriate owner.
We adored meeting you, and fell in love with our puppy. Ceili is only five months old now, but already she is a magnificent dog! Her regal red and black coloring is spectacular, and she is quick, curious, responsive, physically balanced, and even tempered. I will write updates as Ceili grows, but for now, I can’t stop myself from wanting to spread the word that we are so pleased we found Cherry Family Pit Bulls!
I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all the joy you have given us with Bella and Uberlin. They are amazing! Bella is a love and is great around kids. Uberlin is a bundle of energy and is proving to be quite the mischief maker and very protective already. They are such a part of the family, we are enjoying training them with our trainer, going for walks, playing Frisbee (their favorite), and in the summer lots and lots of swimming. Everyone comments on how beautiful they are…I have to agree they really are beautiful!! Once again thank you!

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