pitbull growth

Pitbull Growth

Information About The Growth Of Pitbulls From Birth To Adulthood

Pitbulls are incredibly strong dogs that have a masculine build and are reputed for their physical capabilities. Right from when they are puppies, Pitbulls will show you that they are the kings in the dog world because they are born with the urge to play, curiosity, and great physical capabilities. Pitbulls are loving dogs that have had a misconception about their character but nowadays people are leaning the truth. From growth to adulthood, Pitbulls are good dogs that are very playful are never a risk to people.

For you to understand Pitbulls better, you need to know everything about them right from when they are born to when they reach adulthood. By having this information, you will get a new realization about Pitbulls and why every dog lover should aspire to have one.

Pitbull Puppies And Their Growth

Pitbull puppies are the young of Pitbull dogs and they are born big and strong. Right from birth, Pitbull puppies have the love for humans and they will always want to stay around people. These puppies depend on their mother milk within the first eight weeks of their growth and from then on, they can depend on solid food for their growth. It is important to give your Pitbull puppies only the most nutritious puppy foods so that they can grow healthy and strong.

As from eight weeks, puppies grow rampantly and so it is important to feed them often. Also, they need a good protein intake and low calories for ease of digestion. As they grow, Pitbulls get stronger and even more playful. They are friendly to pole and children, but they highly resent other dogs. To help reduce this resentment and encourage better behavior for your Pitbull, training is important.

pitbull growth chart

At six months, your Pitbull is a teenager and still playful and active. Though strong and very energetic, Pitbulls are less likely to attack people who come to your home unless you compel them to. This hesitation to attack is because of their friendly and compassionate nature to people. At six months Pitbulls weigh 40-60 pounds and at one year they are anywhere between 50-75 pounds. At this age, Pitbull males weigh more than females.

Pitbull Growth Chart

Pitbulls continue to grow until they reach the age of two to three years. Here they reach their maximum height and between 12-18 months they weigh their maximum weight and it is at this time that they reach adulthood. As they grow right from their puppy age to when they are full-grown adults, Pitbulls play a lot due to the energy in their bodies. It is crucial to let Pitbulls play so that they can release the energy in them. Pitbulls are fully grown at the age of three and they spend their adulthood up to 12-15 years. As Pitbulls start growing older, they become less hyperactive and instead start getting calmer.

During their growth, Pitbulls will give you every reason to love them because everything about them is interesting. Pitbulls are affectionate and friendly and you will be happy to have a strong but friendly close to you as a pet.

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