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Pitbull Food

What To Feed Pitbull Puppies At 8 Weeks

Pitbulls have a great appetite and the same is for their puppies. Because of their energy and big bodies, Pitbulls love food and they will eat a great deal and with much relish. They need the food because naturally these dogs are playful and the same applies to Pitbull puppies. For the good health of your dog, you need to know the right foods that contain the right nutrients. Nutritional dog food is important for all dogs because when fed well, dogs are more lively, playful, and happy.

However, dog meals are classified differently and there are some foods that adult Pitbulls can eat but the same food wouldn’t be right for puppies. The reason is that the puppies can’t digest it or the food is low in the nutrients that the puppies need. Though some foods can be eaten by adults some are exclusively for puppies because they are rich in the nutrients that puppies need for good growth and development.


The Right Foods To Feed Pitbull Puppies At 8 Weeks

For up to twelve weeks, your puppy should eat 4 times a day until they are 12 weeks old.  This time, you can then reduce their food consumption to 3 and eventually to 2 meals. At eight weeks the puppy should be eating 4 times a day and about ¼ of a cup at all the meals. At eight weeks the Pitbull puppy is now ready to be fully fed with solid food because he won’t be getting any more milk from its mother.

The right foods for your 8-week-old puppy include;


The Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula

This is the prime food that is grain-free and does not contain corn soy or wheat and it’s not associated with any allergens. The prime ingredient in this food is buffalo and it’s high in protein and other nutrients sufficient for an 8 old week Pitbull puppy. This food is also easily digestible, which means that your Pitbull puppies won’t strain to digest this food.

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Merrick Grain-Free Beef Puppy Food.

The Merrick grain-free beef puppy food is grain and poultry free as well. Also, this food does not contain soy, corn, or wheat. Soy, corn, and wheat are ingredients with common allergens and are not advisable to feed your Pitbull. Foods with allergens are a risk to the health of your Pitbull puppies. The Merrick grain-free puppy food is made with Texas beef that is the best option for your Pitbull puppies. Apart from that, this food is DHA formulated for better brain development.


Purina One Smart Blend Healthy Puppy Formula

This food is not only affordable but it contains calcium and phosphorous for bone growth. This puppy food also contains DHA for brain health. This food is not grain-free and so if your puppy is sensitive to grains it’d be best to keep it from this food.

Good food is crucial for the health of your 8-week-old puppy. Because the food here has different rich ingredients you should buy them all the three varieties so that what one fails to have the other has in plenty. By feeding your puppies with all these foods you will be ensuring their health and good growth.

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