how to train a pitbull

How To Train Pitbull Puppies

How To Train Pitbull Puppies

Trained dogs are better at working with and more so they are well behaved and easier to deal with. Untried dogs on the other hand are clumsy, messy and at times can be dangerous. Pitbulls especially, need to be trained because they are incredibly strong and so training them to be gentle with their strength is important. Pitbulls are normally gentle, playful, and affectionate. They like to greet people and if they happen to place their weight on a child or an expecting adult, they may topple them. When trained, however, Pitbulls will know what to do and so living with them becomes better and more enjoyable.


The Steps Involved In Training Pitbull Puppies

  1. Be patient:  Pitbull training requires patience because these puppies are new to training and they may also be distracted often. Also, they can be a little messy and start carelessly chewing everything around. You need to keep cool and understand that these puppies are new to their world and they have much to learn. Also due to their energy, Pitbull puppies will want to play with everything and everybody. When they do so, don’t get angry but just be patient with them because with time they will learn.
  2. Make your puppies understand that you are its leader:  Always make the puppy understand from day one that you are the leader and it’s got to follow your lead. You will establish control by doing simple things like making your puppy sit before you give them food. Pitbull puppies can get a little excited before meals. Making them calm down and sit down will tell your pitbull that you are in charge. Always tell your Pitbull puppy to sit down and let it hear the voice. After it sits, say good and tap it a little. By saying these words, you will make the puppy learn to sit when you tell him to.
  3. Introduce your puppies to everyone and everything within its environment: Take your Pitbull puppy for walks and make it get familiar with everyone and everything within its environment. Let it meet children, birds, cats, and everything else within your household. By doing this often, your Pitbull puppy will get familiar with its environment and also get social. By being social, Pitbull puppies don’t get excited anxious, or nervous when they meet other animals or people that they hadn’t seen before.
  4. Take your puppy for a walk: Introduce your puppy to walking with a leash because the leash will be important in gaining control of your Pitbull puppy. As you go walks, this will exercise your puppy and it will help it expend the excess energy. If your puppy doesn’t like the leash in the beginning, walk him with just the collar but with the leash in your hand. With time your puppy will be used to wearing a collar and the constant sight of the leash will make the puppy accept the leash eventually.
  5. Always tell your Pitbull puppy what to do:  By telling your puppy what to do, soon it will understand things slowly and this will be a significant part of the training.

pitbull training

Training your puppy takes time, patience, and constant talking to the puppy. With time, however, your Pitbull puppy will learn and you will start seeing impressive results.

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